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Premium Raw Dog Food and Treats

Feeding Canada’s champions for more than 20 years.

K-9 Choice Foods was built on making the absolute best quality raw pet foods for our own beloved pets
available for yours. Our endeavour into the world of species-appropriate feeding began more than 20
years ago out of a necessity to save and provide a better quality of life for our two sick dogs. With one
having debilitating digestive issues and the other with a mast cell tumor, we were introduced to raw
food diets for pets. With a vet developed formula we began making our own food out of the best
natural ingredients available. K-9 Choice Foods has since pioneered the raw food industry and set the
bar for quality, safety, knowledge and value.

At K-9 Choice Foods we have products made from our very own livestock, true pasture to package. We raise our livestock specifically for our pet foods, meaning we use a whole animal, whole prey ideology rather than just using the lower quality left-overs from the human food chain. To this day so many years later we still provide foods made from the best natural
ingredients available on the market, guaranteed hormone, steroid and anti-biotic free, free range and
grass fed.

whole animal
hormone free
steroid free
grain free

Learn about the Benefits of Raw Dog Food

No More Allergies
Grains are one of the major sources of canine allergies as dogs simply do not have the digestive system to cope with them. Yet, grains are the major ingredient in many commercial dog food. Most people find that when they switch to an all natural diet..., the allergies their dogs were suffering from minimize or even completely disappear.
A Natural Toothbrush
Less Poop
Bigger Muscles
Better Appearance
Proper Digestion
Less Expensive
No Doggy Odor

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"she was diagnosed with a tumour..."

Sarah is 11 years and 9 months. She is a red and white bulldog with a few grey hairs. In early May of 2009 she was diagnosed with a tumor on her spleen and she had a severely bloated stomach. She had to be carried and could not breath well. We were looking at euthanasia very soon. She was on steroids and antibiotics. When I stopped at the K-9 Choice Foods booth at the dog show they told me about the pancreas helping with cancer and other illness. I decided to try it and within 2 days the swelling was starting to go down. Her legs were not so swollen, then two weeks passed and she was walking back up the stairs. Now a few months have passed and she is doing great. She is drug free at this time and even though she is still an old dog she is enjoying life. She enjoys eating her meal every day with the raw pancreas. Thank you Rolly and everyone at K-9 Choice for your support and a great product.

Kandie and Sarah, Iroc Bulldogs

"I've got the cleanest, nicest smelling dog yard in town..."

 Sure was impressed with the products we tried! The bone in the meat was ground very well, excellent fruit, veg., etc. addition and the portion cut excellent sizes! Very top Quality! I've made my own for near 30 years, of that raw for a good 18 of that. Your products rate up there at the top, I can't make it as good! Lotsa happy pooches and cats! Sudgee, Manuka, Spike, Puffy and Norman! I've got the cleanest, nicest smelling dog yard in town! Lol! The raw sure makes a difference in the poop department too!!! 

Michelle - Redwater, AB

"Energetic Level 10"

Thanks to K-9. Murphy (5 years) and Chloe (6 years) brother/sister. 2 fantastic Pomeranian, shit-zu mix. Just a few months ago we switched them both from dry bagged dog food to K-9 multi-mix, Marrow Bones, Pancreas and Liver Treats. After just a few weeks, their energy levels have sky-rocketed. They used to sleep all morning until about lunch, now they wake up at 7:00am and want to play and they stay awake. Murphy used to have intermittent nervous/muscular episodes which have completely disappeared. Chloe's left ear was always limp since birth, now she raises her left ear once in a while. They love eating this and I know it is helping them maintain a much healthier life and health. Thank you very much Rolly, Peggy, & Mark fo this amazing change in our life.

Steph and Sam Vargas, Sherwood Park

"Powered by K-9 Choice"

Champion Whitehills Sara Smiles of Iroc. Multi Best of Breed and Group winner.

She is 2 years old and eats K-9 Choice, she has a great coat, lots of energy for the shows and never refuses a meal even on the road. The different varieties and formulas available allow her to have a choice. Her favorite is buffalo and her favorite treat is smoked pancreas.

Thank you for making such a good quality food for our best friends.

Kandie, Iroc Bulldogs

"Best Food For The Bully Breed"

I just want to pass on the GREAT results K-9 Choice has had on my American Pitbull Terrier. I stumbled on the K-9 Choice website approximately 3 months ago and will not feed my dog another other type of food. Champ is on a diet of 60% Green Tripe and 40% Chicken Econo. This combination in my opinion has produced the best results in muscle and bone development. The proof is my pup, Champ (UKC Purple Ribbon) 8.5 months old topping scales over 100lbs. That's just crazy...

The smoked Pancreas is a great treat as well.

Not only is this food good for Champ, but it's good for me as well, less poop to scoop!

My thanks goes out to Rolly and the team, who takes the time to talk with you and help determine which product is the best for your dog.

Darren Yates