Pasture to Package

Our Promise to You


Fresh, Quality Ingredients for Your Dog

Being a pet owner is filled with choices, and every day you make the best ones for your pet. They count on you just as you count on us to deliver you the top-quality raw food and treats available.

Feel good knowing you’re making the best choice when every product we bring you is fresh from farm to bowl, from a family that’s been looking out for your best friend for over 20 years.

We proudly raise, process and package every ingredient possible in our federally certified facility in Tofield, Alberta. From pasture to package, from our farm to your family. And that matters—in the quality of what we offer you and what you can offer your pet.

Pasture to Package Guarantee

Go ahead and give it a go! It’s an easy choice. We believe in our products so much that if you or your pet doesn’t love it, simply return it and for a full refund.


We are the only raw food manufacturer that uses the whole animal in our foods, we don’t buy offcuts or add any fillers. We simply feed your dog like would feed ourselves; not with leftovers from the human food chain but cuts of meat meant for human consumption.