Feeding Guide

What your dog should be eating

Feeding Canada’s Champions for 20 years.

Our journey in the dog food business began in the fall of 2003 when one of our beloved pets was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor. Not only did one of our pets have a malignant tumor, but the older of the dogs was beginning to succumb to arthritis.

With hours of research, and asking many questions from a variety of skilled people in the pet industry, we decided to feed our pets a raw diet. We spent many hours researching alternative methods of treating cancer and what may have caused it. Once we started reading all the information, we couldn't stop!

It all made such good sense. Armed with knowledge and a drive to provide our pets with the best foods we could, we met with a local holistic vet to derive a well balanced recipe. Once we had our recipe and some basic guidelines for a wholesome diet, we began making the food for our pets.

k9 feeding guide chart